Tar Farm Lake No. 7

The Tar Farm Lakes have been a work in progress for many years now, but in recent years we've managed to bring together all the environmental and planning issues, to the point we are at now - where the lakes are completed, planted, the tacks and car parks are in place, the fish are stocked, and the lakes are ready to go. The Tar Farm complex will only be fishable through pre-booking via Catch fishing platform and App https://www.gocatch.fish/ and you will be able to book individual pegs or the whole lake, depending on availability.

Across the whole Tar Farm complex, we have stocked about 2,000 carp, to a value of around £250,000 with the fish ranging from 6lb fish to just over 30lb, so the lakes will provide amazing sport from that start. The stocking of Tar Farm Lakes 4, 5 and 7 are all very similar, with each water receiving about 450 fish. The bulk of the initial stock for lakes 4, 5 & 7 is made up of about 160 x 6-10lb fish, 160 x 10-14lb fish and about 130 fish over 14lb, which includes a select number of 20's to just over 30lb that we've stocked into each water. During test fishing, the complex also produced pike to mid-20's and perch to 3 ½ and we've also seen so very nice roach and rudd. We also seeded the waters with quite a few small tench and crucian carp, which hopefully we'll see at specimen sizes in years to come.

**Important Notice** To get to the Tar Farm Lakes you will need to travel via Cogges Lane, this is a single-track road with limited pacing places and some blind-bends - So PLEASE watch your speed, especially near the residential area of cottages and around the bends. There's no rush to get there, your peg will be pre-booked, and the lakes aren't going anywhere so above all else, makes sure you get there safely! The postcode for the Tar Farm Complex is OX29 5AL.